Crónicas levantísticas
Javier Tárraga (Granada)

Thursday, 7 October, 01:15 h.
TRASNOCHE Sala Viridiana C/Gibraltar 27

The Levant is the most implacable of winds on the Cadiz coastline. This present work came about under the battering of this wind, which is commonly said to affect one’s powers of reasoning.
This is a work of many meanings, and is as diverse as the strange melody which they wish to perform, adapting themselves to the values and models established by the oral minstrel tradition. In short, Javier Tárraga intends to entertain with irony, thus following the recommendations of the only minstrel to receive a Nobel Prize.

The company
Javier Tárraga.
Javier Tárraga has followed in the path of the minstrels since 1982 as a street story teller, offering ballads, puppets, stories and small stage productions.
He has appeared all over the country performing ballads and small puppet shows. Memorias Moriscas, El árbol de mi Ciencia, Miedo y Medio, Dos Orillas are some of his most notable works.